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Wednesday, 16 November 2016

The Vicious Cycle Of LIfe

Few human beings realise the vicious cycle that each and every one of us is in on a daily basis. Fewer still know how to adjust those odds, stacked against them, to work in their favour.

Incarnated life in this dream world works on the principle that your thoughts create your version of the reality you see before you. Action follows thought, with your thinking being effectively the puppeteer and you the puppet.

What you are thinking at this moment in time will contribute to the reality you experience, in about 4 - 5 weeks time. Thus if you are feeling negative and pessimistic now, its odds on that your reality in a months time will be tinged with that same feeling. This is the vicious cycle we are talking about here. This is why so many people finding their lives going more and more negative.

The trick is to somehow begin to think more positive and upbeat to influence your thought processes, and therefore your perceptions in the future. 'For every ounce of negative it takes around ten ounces of positive' to counteract that negative. That is the basic rule of thumb here because negative thinking is the normal first human reaction to any adverse experience in this dream world. It is the way our minds are unfairly geared.

When we think differently we perceive different things and our life changes according to the stimuli we attract to us. Thinking the same creates a reality that stays the same with the same set of experiences. That is the basic truth about this virtual reality. That is why THEY constantly bombard us with the subliminal messages that they do. They influence us in any way they can to control our perceptions and our way of thinking. So our reality its over burdened with negative. We need to counter act this by creating positive thinking in our minds as much as we can.