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Tuesday, 22 November 2016

Why Change The Habit Of A Lifetime Now?

People are currently asking me to write more. 'Write about what?' I ask. Let your intuition lead you and explain about things close to your heart they say. I always make the excuse that 'I haven't the time'. Which is actually true, as there are not enough hours in the day between my 1-2-1 clients, phone clients and nature walks. I am writing again however ... I've resurrected my Intensive Mediumship Training sessions, so I'm currently writing up new module notes. I do these from scratch. Based on my own experiences. I do not cut and paste from the internet. My notes are own own. My concepts and training methods are my own. Which makes the process such a long winded one. So that's even less hours in the day to write. 

I blog to chill and relax. This is my down time. This and my nature photography are my recharge moments. Plus I need to get in as much walking as I can for health reasons. Once upon a time I would undertake around 2-3 hours a day in meditation, more often than not early in the morning as well as in an organised group. But that is not possible any more. Sadly. I do however meditate last thing at night to help me drift into sleep. My brain refuses to switch off so its the only way for me to log off these days. 

Where was I? My Intensive Mediumship Training has been changed slightly to IMT True Mentoring, due to the fact a 'novice' psychic medium has chosen to compete with me and describes their inexperienced methods as 'intensive mediumship training'. There is nothing I can do about the fact apart from brush myself down and rebrand my product in a different way. The mentoring sessions are being launched in a new way. A new web site is in the pipleine but for now  .. I still have the name Intensive Mediumship Training on my website where I describe the training as "Matthew James is the proud founder and sole facilitator of Intensive Mediumship Training™ modules. His teaching methods are unique & self developed, They are his own methods and DO NOT come from anyone else or from anywhere on the internet. They represent the hard yards of over 40 years of his own intensive mediumship training. With over 25 years experience in the mystical field Matthew James has extensive knowledge of psychic development techniques. Why not find out where your own potential can lead you? You cannot be in safer hands!" 

But it just shows you how brass necked and hard faced many people are. How ruthless this certain individual is, and what you are up against in the world. My attitude I suppose is commendable ... I just accept it and get on with things in the best ways I can after having my good name blackened and trade affected by this person. I've been around a long time in this business and have learnt that trends and mind sets have been around forever, its just a different face but the same mentality. 

I agree I need to write more regularly, to change the subject back to my original intention of this post. My mind is filled with the blossoming ideas of my new mentoring concept. So I guess I need to share with you, without giving away too many secrets,  my mentoring concepts and my spiritual background.

'How did it start?' 'What do I see and what made me turn to being a mystic?' All the usual life story reveals I guess ... because everyone's story is unique they say. Well mine is unique for sure. I am something of an enigma and a one off. I follow my own path and always have done. I guess I always will. The one that is open to ridicule and scorn ... its always been the case. So why change the habit of a life time now? 'Exactly'. - Matthew James