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Thursday, 17 November 2016

Silent Coup in the USA? Former Diplomat Explains How Soft Regime Change Works

Waking Times: Former Deputy Assistant Secretary of State under Henry Kissinger, Steve Pieczenik has a long history as an expert in psychological warfare and was a diplomat to Soviet Russia helping to instigate the collapse of the megalithic communist state in 1991. In a recently released video he speaks on the role the American government played in manipulating Soviet culture and leadership to bring about a silent coup, or bloodless regime change, offering insight that is especially relevant in the present context of U.S. politics.

Pieczenik explains the effectiveness of soft strategies as tools for destabilizing the U.S.S.R., noting firstly how religion was used externally to bring about an internal rise in the Russian Orthodox religion to undermine the atheist regime in the Kremlin.

A second soft tactic by the U.S. was to demonstrate for top Soviet military leaders the effectiveness of modern U.S. weaponry against Soviet tanks and other weapons systems. This allowed Soviet leaders to grasp the dominance of power already in play, effectively neutralizing the Soviet military without having to actually engage in more>>>...