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Sunday, 20 November 2016

Psychic Self Defense

The term "Psychic Attack" actually covers a broad spectrum of situations in which one individual, the aggressor, deliberately projects a clearly defined malicious intent upon the non-physical person of another, the victim. To differentiate, the intended results of the attack may affect the physical body through disease or death, but the attack itself is aimed at the non-physical planes of the human energy field. Psychic attacks range in complexity from a very brief, but highly emotionally charged anger or hatred with a "wish" for some clearly defined negative consequence, to the very elaborate, ritualistic practice of malicious sorcery. Although the practice of psychic attack covers such a broad spectrum, the principles of psychic self-defense are much more universal. Once you have "mastered" the techniques of psychic self-defense, and in the absence of some vastly superior power, the application of basic psychic self defense will work.

To understand psychic attack, we return to the "Five Principles of Universal Magick". The five principles are:


In a "Psychic Attack", the DESIRE aspect of the magickal act is based not only on the aggressor's desire to inflict an attack, but on the motive for the attack as well. It is important to understand that a psychic attack is normally a deliberate act, usually in response to some perceived action on the part of the victim. Since psychic attacks are based solely on the aggressor's perception of a person or situation, the attack and the motive may have no basis in fact. This does not prevent the aggressor from feeling justified, if not benevolent, in initiating the attack. Because of this "perception factor", many victims either never realize that they have been targeted, or fail to accurately grasp the motive or the severity of such an attack. In only the ugliest motives of greed or maliciousness are psychic attacks totally unprovoked.

The INTENT aspect of the psychic attack is the clearly defined result or outcome of the attack. This can include virtually anything that you can think of, including extreme financial loss and even death. In the magickal act of psychic attack, the more forethought and clearly defined programming the aggressor completes, the more successful the assault will become, lacking any adequate defenses by the intended victim. To be most effective, the attack should include such programming as the time and place of the assault to produce maximum vulnerability, the victim's point of vulnerability, the programmed objective and method of execution, and the post-attack dissipation of the energy or projected thought form.

In the ALIGNMENT aspect of the psychic attack, the aggressor must eliminate any internal conflict within himself/herself regarding the intended act. Internal conflict, as it relates to psychic attack, is normally generated when there is a moral issue associated with the intended act. The purest act of magick will manifest with the greatest expectation of success when there is no internal conflict. Any internal conflict will have a proportionately negative effect on the aggressor's chances of success.

RITUAL is the aspect of the magickal act that generates and focuses the power necessary to accomplish the attack. Rituals can be as simple or as complex as the practitioner chooses or requires, but the function is always the same. Frequently, in the creation of a psychic attack, the aggressor uses a likeness of the intended victim in the form of a doll called a "poppet". To achieve the maximum connection between the magickal act and the intended victim, the aggressor will attach any available personal items of the victim, including hair, clothing items, jewelry, etc. This doll, now having "become" the intended victim, becomes the focus of all the power and intent of the aggressor.

Having now completed all of the steps of the magickal act, the aggressor has only to watch and wait with EXPECTATION for the psychic assault to take its course. In association with the psychic attack, this is a good time for the aggressor to set up whatever protection is required in the event that the victim successfully repels the attack and the attack is turned back against the aggressor. This is a mistake that many who practice psychic attack make, thinking no one would dare oppose them or even have the power to oppose them. This mistake can be fatal.

This is a very brief summary of the process of creating a psychic attack. For obvious reasons, no further explanation will be given, but this should give you, the intended victim, an idea of the process an aggressor will use to bring negative forces against you. more>>>...