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Thursday, 24 November 2016

Could this REALLY be the face of an alien? Meet the woman, 22, who claims she has extraterrestrial DNA

Daily Mail: Throughout her childhood, Lea Kapiteli, 22, from Melbourne, said she struggled with unusual physical encounters, strange experiences and presences.Dismissing them as part of a childhood phase, it wasn't until she hit her teenage years that she found out what they really meant.

Ms Kapiteli told Daily Mail Australia that at the age of 13 she was visited by someone in the night, who explained her past, told her why she felt different to other girls her age, and spoke about the true nature of her heritage.

The presence, who she said was called Mezreth, told Ms Kapiteli that she wasn't like other teenagers. Instead, she was an alien hybrid. A Starseed is someone with mixed origin,' explained Ms Kapiteli.'It's someone who is human, and who was born on earth, but who doesn't have wholly human origins. For years, I had felt everyone else just clicked while I was abnormal. When I found out I was a Starseed, I knew I was here for a reason: to witness life on earth,' she more>>>...