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Monday, 28 November 2016

Walking The Path Of Most Resistance

Life no longer feels the same. It may appear the same on the surface, and those of this current generation may look at me like a lost cause ... but under the surface there is certainly something amiss.

On a psychic level, beneath the apparent, the human race no longer thinks like it did. Those sub-conscious signals are totally different. They are being affected by the spider's web of invisible perception rays that are out there. The mobile phone and the wireless signals are affecting the way we perceive this world. It is a deliberate intention, clearly.

Made to disconnect us still further from source, and force us to most certainly become separate aspects trapped in this prison of expectation and environmental impressions. We really cannot be ourselves, or if we are we must keep it to ourselves. There is so much pressure put on us to be like everyone else. If you are different then the collective comes down on you like a ton of bricks. The lone sheep must be like all the other sheep in the fold, even if that lone sheep is the only one that has found the open gate, or is the only one chewing on the decent grass. If the majority stand in shit then that is the norm, sadly.

This is seen more and more now as the individual is condemned for free thinking. To be like or the rest is the safety net it would seem. On a collective level fear is manifesting the world of the condemned and the lost. This must be overcome for mankind to evolve. It must begin within. It must begin on those levels of the psyche that dictate the way we perceive, and therefore manifest the world we exist in. It is down to those lone sheep to be brave and remain resolute; they must have the ability to withstand the sticks and stones of the herd. The herd mentality is safety in numbers. It is accepting a norm, even if it is clearly wrong, because that is the safest thing to do. It doesn't make it right.

The path of most resistance is going against that grain and having the courage to wander out of the fold and into the fields that lead up the mountainside. That is where the work has to be done. There is a way of collectively gaining an immunity to the toxins in the air, in the water, in the food. The toxins that gather in our thoughts. There is a way of gaining back the inner world we once had. We must individually think for ourselves and perceive the world we wish to have. To ignore the norms and the demands that are constantly subliminally broadcast into our DNA. We cannot get away from those broadcasts, but we can be made aware of those dangerous distractions. It is the enchantments of a threatened mind, or minds that are forever fearful of us discovering their existence. Yes, we are being enchanted and so many people are falling for that dangerous spell. It is time to become the individual spirit once more and learn to discern the symptoms of this enchantment. That is the difficult part ...