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Friday, 25 November 2016

The Gift is in the Giving

The gift is in the giving, not in the having of the gift. It is not all about you and what you are. Its not about the banners and the titles or the attention you may receive. It is not about being recognised for man made titles that have been given to you. It is not about anything that feeds the false ego. If that is what you think having a psychic ability is all about then you have been misguided.

It is all about using that gift to help others selflessly. It is in truth often a bitter curse as it leads you down difficult roads and into dire straits. There is a tireless dedication, I term 'the tempering of the blade' that takes decades to wander through. It is this phase of the initiation that the selfish ego cannot tolerate. It wants everything as easy as possible, and as quickly as possible. Those who have the true gift are patient, and tireless and accepting of all that is thrown in their path. Very few of those driven by the ego can make it to the grade of the minerval student. Those who rush into this field we term those of the 'Icarus grade' ...