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Sunday, 13 November 2016

In Full Flow

The process is in effect, with news filtering through of numerous neophytes being unable to keep a grip on the tree branches.

There are quite a few seen be losing their way, as the process unbinds the hold their separate self has on their consciousness.

'Twelve months and a day they shall wander the wastelands of Yesod ... in that time they will most surely believe they are enlightened ones,'

There can be no exceptions as the tempering of the blade is an effective means of separating the weeds from the flowers; from revealing the real gold from the brightly shining Fools Gold.  It is in full flow and not an easy time for any mystic at this time. They who are genuine in intention will survive and regain the footholds they had before the false lighting distracted attention away from them. Those who forced the spotlight onto themselves must now prove they can really swim. There is no time for second chances as the vibration rises and the quickening of truth melts the plastic statues of the falsehood and make believe. It is not an energy to play with; mortal souls are not playthings ... they who say they are experienced and ready must be made to realise the severity of that which they are practising with. It is so very real. So dangerous are they who cannot do what they say. Now is the time when they will be exposed.

Let the genuine and the experienced soar like the eagle, and those that pretend fall to the ground like the flightless dodo. It is that time ...

Branches will crack and break where the poisons of corruption rots them to the core, and they who grip these areas of the tree will come crashing down to the ground. It is a time like no other for this to occur. For however long it takes the tree will be shaken, and shaken until only the true will remain.

And the false trails and falsehoods created by the false brotherhoods shall be exposed and those 'necessary' fashion accessories will be seen to be what they are ... distractions of the separate self created to lead the pilgrims away from the true path. For the mystic path of the ancient world shall be seen once more in its former glory ...