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Wednesday, 16 November 2016

More Martian Anomalies (Some of the best yet)

Some more of those interesting artifacts on Mars whilst rummaging through legally obtained images from Google Mars ...

An image here looks suspiciously like a pier jutting out over water. It can't be, I must be mistaken as this is Mars we are talking about!! There is also the reflections of the artifact you would expect from a structure over water.

The other images show distinct building-like similarities .... coincidence? Must be as this is lifeless Mars we are talking about after all. Us human Goyim are not allowed to know about life on other worlds and other truths which have been suppressed!

These images are some of the best we have collected that suggest a different reality on Mars to what we are force fed by the liars. If there was nothing to hide then why have these areas on Google Mars now become off limit since these images were copied? These were once in the public arena which was when they were discovered during our regular visits. So why are these areas (In the south polar region) now out of bounds?

Be open minded and study the images closely ... see the un-natural shapes and decide for yourself.