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Sunday, 20 November 2016

The Tempering of the Blade

Introducing a new way of remembering ....

A true self has no limits with regard to its awareness and its capabilities. It has no craving for identity or comparison. It just IS. Existing within the limitless eternity which is universal consciousness it is because it is; it cannot be what it isn't.

With the false ego under a strict rein, the True Self perceives this reality in the light of the truth vibration. It will only be what it is, and will not try to be what it is not or cannot be. For it has no need to compete, it is free from the cravings of recognition or adoration.

The desire for a 'title' and an 'identity' no longer exists when the shackles of the false ego dissolve. It matters not to the true self what others do or what others say. The true self just IS ...

Those who enter the True path commence at the Minerval Grade ... and can only be accepted as a student at the Neophyte Grade when they exhibit consistently traits of one who has the false ego, and the selfish separate self, STRICTLY under control. They must walk the otherworlds alone, with no assumed and imagined guides by their side.

They who truly wish to LEARN and TRULY SPIRITUALLY grow will willingly walk the pathway known as "THE TEMPERING OF THE BLADE".

There are many, many souls who step forward at this time, but so few are truly willing to let their souls truly grow. They are sadly like sheep in the fold permitting their false ego to chase false trails. 'Forgive them for they know not what they do' ... it is time for the true teachers to come forth and lead them away from the fold and on to the mountainside.