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Tuesday, 6 December 2016

A Lesson To Be Learned

Fate dealt its hand and this path became a way of life. There was no way out, it became fact and all obstacles encountered had to be overcome. There was no other way, just like there was nothing else to turn to.

Ancestral genetics that run through the life blood decreed this persistent reminder of what once was, that had to become a way of life again. A new version of a long forgotten old scene.

And with each twist and turn, the opposition became harder and harder to vanquish. But there has been no other choice ... for this is it, there are no other roads that can be walked. All bridges have been burnt. The warrior remains slakeless despite the never ending line of opponents in every walk of life. These shoes bring nothing but constant burdens. But there is no shame or shirking from blame. An eternity of karma, life times of lessons come down on these shoulders in order to understand LIFE.

And on this tree of life this unique expression of consciousness resides in a life surrounded by all its reflections of self. It is true to it's self. So all those reflections of self can learn from there own reflection of self. To some an angel, to some a daemon, to some an inspiration, to some an aggravation, a reminder of weakness or fear or selfish derision ... but in all a lesson to be learned - Matthew James