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Monday, 12 December 2016

Ajinomoto, Japanese Carcinogenic Neurotoxin Manufacturer Expanding Aspartame & MSG Sales in Unsuspecting African Nations

Ajinomoto, is the Japanese producer of aspartame. It's sold as NutraSweet, Equal, E-951, Spoonful and under dozens of other aliases. This poison is in thousands of foods and drinks, especially "Diet" Coke, and similar sodas. A library of case histories by victims and their doctors, and a mountain of medical research tell the tale of toxicity which Ajinomoto is striving to silence.

We seem to hear a lot about mass murderers these days: insane, demonic sociopaths who thrill to the terror and agony they inflict. On a gigantic scale history names great masters of destruction: Who can number those slain by Hitler, Stalin, and Mao? To collect such a stupendous price the mind of the people must be saturated with propaganda, packaged lies relentlessly fire-hosed into the public consciousness until the world is upside down: evil is virtue; slaughter is holiness, dying for the emperor, the fatherland and the 1,000 year Reich or a twisted religion is the supreme glory. All these crimes breed in the egocentric brains of ambitious morally stunted men full of hubris and hate, consumed with pride & greed.

The same greed, the same hubris, the identical fatal fanaticism resides in the boardrooms of gigantic corporations. Consider Enron, WorldCom, Arthur Anderson and the French medicos who released AIDS-contaminated blood for transfusions. When the crime surfaced these guardians of health sold the sewage to poor nations there to infect millions for generations to come. Heinous condemnation of millions to lingering death! Would not a fair price be to infect these despicable, heartless human scum with their own vaccines? Instead these lords of liquidation with lettered names retire to their chateaus, servants and limousines to tally blood money. Twenty years later they dine in smart cafes and saunter the streets of Paris unpunished! The crime was so deep, the bloodguilt so broad, that a hundred mass murderers got a free pass! "O the Humanity, the Humanity."

Phillip Morris, Coca-Cola and Ajinomoto belong to the same crew, dealing death with poisons that sicken, ruin and murder millions. USA tobacco deaths are 300,000/year; small change when measured by the murders of Ajinomoto, and all it's daughter purveyors of deadly aspartame, including Kellogg, Wrigley, Wyeth, Coke & Pepsi, Smuckers and hundreds of scorpions from the same nest. With the power of continuous artillery bombardment their ads fire the poison down the throats of helpless children and all of us! Their experts cry: "Ridiculous it's harmless!" Blood brothers are they to the French medicos, and they'll surely kill as many! more>>>...