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Monday, 12 December 2016

All The Hard Work Is Coming Undone

Things do not look the same beneath as they do on the surface. The book cover certainly conceals a different story inside a particularly alluring and appealing marketed design. 

And sadly, foolish and ignorant people are being taken in by clever and savage packaging. And its giving the genuine a hard time, as they are 'tarred by the same brush'. But they are not the same as these charlatans. It is a crying shame all the hard work is being undone by those daring to exploit the needing and the injured.

It is being witnessed all the time. The current new brand that are putting themselves in the spotlight are nowhere near ready for that level of exposure or responsibility. Chaos appears in full control as hard earned reputations are being ruined almost overnight by those who dare call themselves the same, but have only been trying to practice for literally five minutes. And the general joe public know no different as all they know is what the blindly led and poorly trained say is the 'real deal'. When it is not. And it is too late for a re-education into what truly constitutes 'the real deal'. The damage has been done and it is a fatal flaw. With no regulation or control these 'anyone can call themselves and fool the ignorant' charlatans, it is never going to change. Only get worse. It clearly has after a latest face made damning claims and put another nail into the coffin. And the product was so empty and lacking, surely everyone could see the empress's new cloth on view? But seemingly nobody was none the wiser. Which makes it scarier than previously thought. Chaos has assumed full control ... its time to beam me up Scotty.