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Thursday, 8 December 2016

All Lies Within

This world is a mirror. Look around you to see what your consciousness has been manifesting. What is around you represents your past; to change your future you must think differently in the now.

This is a virtual reality, a dream world ... a thought form world. A huge library of living experiences and memories that we all tap into. The Akashic Records is the reference library from which we tap into experiences and manifest them into our virtual reality to understand that aspect of yourself.

All things have been experienced, all things, nothing new can be found; all things are forgotten gems that remind us of what those that have gone before us. A major achievement is to realise the origins of those first thoughts that enabled this dream world and all the levels that exist beyond this one. Pilgrims have sought the exit to these realms; have sought the answers to what lies beyond. For what lies beyond is also written in the library, somewhere. These insights can be found, they do lie within, they may be hidden. But the persistent seeker will find these answers. And understand this reality and why it began - Matthew James