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Monday, 5 December 2016

Danburite Meanings

Danburite amplifies the properties and effects of other stones. It will open and release energy blockages, assisting healing on all levels. Thus it is an excellent healing stone. Danburite is also helpful in strengthening clarity and perceptiveness. It also lessens issues of self-pride as well as diminishing blockages.

Danburite helps in achieving deep and comprehensive consciousness. The expanded consciousness makes it easier to accept any difficult period in life and helps to obtain a broader perspective about life. Danburite also brings a feeling of peace and calm, even when things are not as ideal as you would like them to be.

Danburite helps in transcending the fears, concerns, needs, and desires of our ego. It enables you to take a look at your life from a different perspective — from the perspective of the spirit. That is, you need to consider everything that happens as a chance for spiritual growth and development. Because, in reality, everything is a chance to acquire knowledge, wisdom, insight, and, eventually, enlightenment. The more you are aware of the spiritual side of all things, the more you are able to disperse and diminish their potential negative aspects. 

Danburite makes it possible for your inner light to shine, to become what you are, to reveal your true identity. This stone activates the intellect and promotes your faith and respect for the spiritual laws.

Danburite will help you in turbulent times. Whenever you think of giving up, use your Danburite, and it will give you strength to go on. It will liven you up and encourage you to adapt and deal with the difficulties and troubles ahead. 

Danburite can heal deep wounds, cleanse the past karma, and support your persistent fight in troublesome and dangerous situations. (