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Saturday, 3 December 2016

Giving A Loaded Gun To A Child

Knowledge is power they say, so misuse or misunderstanding of knowledge is a misuse of power. Spiritual and occult knowledge in inexperienced hands, or in the wrong hands, is like handing a loaded gun over to a child. The consequences can be devastating.

But that is what is happening out there in the 'psychic arena'. Ever since the public access to the arcane and occult wisdom, via the internet, there has been a literal explosion of fatal proportions. The inexperienced and the naive can now access information kept secret or 'occultic' for very good reasons.

The spiritual development arena is now awash with 'chaos magicians' ... foolish and delusional people who think they know the supernatural world after taking but a few steps into that world. Oh my god, the astral plane is awash with the corbyantic screams of these ignorant minds. The spiritual development arena is now becoming overrun by five minute wonders who claim, for example, that their understanding of the mystical and the paranormal is that of an ascended master because they developed that training in past lives. True! The arena is awash with crazy notions and even crazier souls.

It should never have been permitted to get to this. The use of occult knowledge should have been regulated in some way. It would have prevented this madness we are witnessing now. Every man and his dog are leaving behind their corporate jobs, picking up books on tarot cards, or attending training courses in order to become self professed experts by the end of the following week. And they have all become clones of themselves! The same agency is at work here ... their selfish separate ego (The S.S.E) ... that demands it has it all right away; that it is not prepared to train or work. The S.S.E won't permit these clones to listen to sense or reason. They are like the emperor with the imaginary clothes. Those who know, see them for what they really are ... whilst those who know no better see the emperor's clothes just like the psuedo-emperors say they would. They are the ignorant general public who know no better, who lets these charlatans feed them full of their crazy claims.

No it is crazy times. Their lack of knowledge and misuse of the little they do know ... makes for dangerous times  ... Matthew James