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Wednesday, 14 December 2016

Mental mediumship

Mental mediumship differs considerably from physical mediumship. When a medium communicates with a dead person and passes on messages the communication takes place from consciousness to consciousness.

There is an intelligent power behind the mental mediumship as in the physical mediumship. The difference is that this intelligence communicates with a 2nd person (here the medium) as a tool where a ‘translation’ and interpretation goes on in the passing of information to 3rd person. When a psychic gives advice and guidance the information is often understood and ‘read’ from the spiritual body of the client and a so called ‘reading’ takes place. Every piece of information about a human being lies in the energy body – Past, present, future.

Examples of mental mediumship:
Contact with the discarnated
Clairvoyance – incl. clairsentience, clairvoyance, clairaudience

To see clairvoyantly is often in a black/white perspective as a film.

Contact with the discarnated: This form of mediumship is not necessarily combined with clairvoyance (psychic ability). It is said that you can be a good clairvoyant but not necessarily a medium who has contact to the discarnated. A widespread attitude is that not all clairvoyants are more>>>...