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Friday, 2 December 2016

Noisy Miner Bird Totem

There was a group of Noisy Miner birds appearing in a bush at the end of my walk this evening; because this is a common occurrence with so many species of native birds for me, I always take note of what I'm thinking at the time and what I'm trying to manifest.

These totems provide me the symbology of being too quiet about my own opinions and insights; I'm focusing once more on my Mentoring and teachings, so it is quite apt this totem appears at this time. In some ways my self esteem and confidence levels could do with a boost; boosted by the power of four would be wonderful - there were four Noisy Miners. I'm also debating on new directions to look for different ideas and different expressions of wisdom.

Thus I will take this timely appearance of this totem on board and thank the great mother for sharing with me her living symbolism - Matthew James