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Sunday, 4 December 2016

Rhiannon - Maid of Annwn

Rhiannon (her name meaning "Maid of Annwn") is a goddess from Welsh mythological history. She is a goddess of earth, fertility, horses and birds. She finds antecedants in the British Goddess Rigantona ("Great Queen") and the continental Celtic horse-goddess Epona, who was also associated with foals, dogs and birds like Rhiannon. She has links to the Underworld and is much featured in the Mabinogion. In the Mabinogion she is intelligent and wise, and doesn't hesitate to speak Her mind.

Birds have always been associated with this goddess, so sometimes she was referred to as "Rhiannon of the Birds." Rhiannon is accompanied by three blackbirds which were said to sing so sweetly that listeners could sit entranced for years. The songs of her birds could wake the dead or lull the living to sleep for seven years. With their sweet songs, Rhiannon's magical birds could heal the sick and wounded and soothe the souls of the most troubled of mortals.

The songs of her birds are believed to be able to bring restorative, peaceful slumber. Birds bring the energy of Transcendence and as animals of the Earth and of the Sky, these feathered friends help us to bridge the energy of Heaven and Earth. Bridging the ability to traverse the physical plane while simultaneously remembering our Freedom of Spirit, and with this remembrance we take flight and transcend the illusions of separateness and more>>>...