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Monday, 12 December 2016

Spying from the inside: Nano-Robotics & the invasion of privacy

S.O.T.T: Nano-robotics is gaining importance in the field of industrial robotics. It is gaining momentum in health care and other niche markets.

Nano-robotics promise to usher in a new era of human development. They work on an atomic level. They can be remotely controlled or pre-programmed for a certain procedure. While this sounds advanced, it comes at a steep price most will agree may be unreasonable. And this is where you need to be concerned. Personally, most of us would take parasites and bacteria over having nanorobots swimming in our bloodstream monitoring every nuance, delivering drugs to the site, and reporting back to Big Data and the Medical Mafia. Do you realize how much power is lost when we trust these nanobots to act in our favor apart from the potential of the human controlling them on the other end?

The health-freedom community has some major privacy issues to debate NOW.

Will you agree to loss of privacy and control over your own body to simply "make a market" for the industry that created this new technology? NHF sees this at Codex continually; market-making off the backs of people like you and me. Health care? Safety? Not even in the equation oftentimes. Like the law of unintended consequences, this potentially revolutionary technology can imprison you, endanger you, and even kill you. With the use of nano-robotics you place control of your body outside of yourself. You are no longer sovereign. You have relinquished control. Since NHF believes in every man's right to decide for themselves, this is most assuredly your choice. But please know the risks going in.
  • Nano-robots are controlled by an outside force.
  • Information feeds back through the computer system.
  • You lose control.
  • You lose privacy.
  • You subject yourself to a potential pirating of your sovereignty in the form of more>>>...