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Monday, 11 June 2018

A Very Dangerous Practice

The first order of the day is 'Gripe Of The Day' ... after what we witnessed on Saturday night, we feel that it cannot be left unsaid ...

And that is the huge numbers of individuals who exhibit irresponsible and ridiculous behaviour due to be under the influence of large quantities of alcohol and drugs. It is a world wide phenomenon that few people will actually associate with being a 'supernatural experience' .... or even worse 'an overshadowing' or even a 'possession'....

Alcohol and most opiate drugs have a distinct effect on the human psyche. Whoever consumes them is taken onto an altered state of consciousness and a different type of awareness. In ancient times, the origins of alcohol and certain drugs was exactly for that purpose, The priest, the magician, the mystic would use these substances to put themselves on a different state of awareness in order to communicate with non-human entities.

In a controlled environment, alcohol and certain drugs can help you commune with other realms. You are trained to become in control of your mind once you find yourself on a different vibration or frequency. You remain in control and are responsible for your actions.

What is currently happening on enmasse, is that tens of thousands of people on a daily basis are putting themselves on these altered states of reality with no proper training; are not aware what is really happening to them .... and are leaving themselves very vulnerable to non-human forces that are on these vibrations.

In other words they can become possessed or overshadowed by malevolent beings that take the opportunity to gain control of the human bodies and temporarily are the hosts of that body whilst the human awareness is somewhere else. When the effect of the alcohol or drug wears off the human returns to the awareness of their body with no recollection of what went on .... it is a VERY dangerous practice.

We saw extensive evidence of almost 'non-human' behaviour on Saturday evening. It was far worse than what we can recall during our 'on the town' days back in the 80's, 90's and 00's .... it is clear that something is definitely going on ... as it is getting worse.