Search A Light In The Darkness

Thursday, 14 June 2018

The Inner Seeker

What is vitally important, is to be The Seeker in your own reality. Sending yourself out to explore your own dimension as a servitor. To realise that your version of 'the mind field' and 'universal consciousness' is very much like a dimension/universe that is different to anyone else around you. In this dimension/universe are quirks and traits that are you. They are owned by you and can be used by you.

Your perceptions govern what you find in this unique dimension. Early explorations will lead you through the wastes of the astral plane. Very much starting a journey off at the local rubbish tip. Endure the toxicity of these first steps ... and keep letting The Seeker travel further and further from your awareness. The true magic of a servitor is to set an intention for its adventure then forget about it. The same can be said about The Seeker.

Give it a task or a mission, an unknown destination that lies beyond the rubbish tip. Let it find those deepest parts of you, and the wisdom contained there ... that you have forgotten, or don't even know exists.

Your own reality might feel a strange place if you let it set your thought processes and your comprehension of the apparent world around you. It needs to be decorated in your own freestyle and not be a derivative of the reality of someone else. You have to remember everyone is unique and inimitable ... so trying to copy someone else won't get you anywhere in the long run.

 Once The Seeker returns from its missions, you may find yourself thinking differently; having a different sense of awareness to what you had before. The outside world may well be an disorderly and a disorganised place, but the inner reality can become a wellspring of wisdom for you which will impact on the way react to the outside world .....