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Monday, 30 March 2009

Dream Sequence ...

I am standing up on a near empty bus. There is a woman sitting to my right watching me with some amusement. I look across at her and can see her smiling at me. I understand from her, telepathically, that she is amused I am standing up on the bus with all the empty seats.

The bus then negotiates a bend in the road and I have to shift my balance and hold the strap tightly to avoid falling over as the bus moves quickly round the bend in the road.

I have been accustomed to standing up in the bus for long periods of time, so my means of balancing myself is an accomplished art.

The bus goes along a straight section once more; I glance over at the woman again who is still smiling at me for remaining standing. I glance then ahead of me at some of the other passengers in the bus who are all seated on the left hand side of the bus ahead of me.

Interpretation: Symbolic perhaps of some part of myself being surprised that I have made life's path so difficult and for so long, when in fact I could perhaps have taken a much easier ride. The ease at which I negotiated the bends and the twists in the road suggest I have been making things difficult for myself for some time!

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