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Sunday, 29 March 2009

Image of the Day

Today's Skies Over Canberra ... a day of suspicious cloud formations.
The 'cloud formations' began appearing in the sky around 10.30am this morning, and continued until the late afternoon. A number of planes were seen with 'vapour trails' ... but vapour trails that did not disappear like normal vapour trails. They could clearly be seen across the sky as long as half an hour after the plane had left. Several trails were sighted in the same direction of previous trails which had been created ... below the original trail, which would then merge together into one much larger trail. There was evidence of these cloud trails in the sky in every direction over Canberra today ... even in directions which were not on any flight paths. Chemtrails, contrails or something else? Any why ? If there is anyone else in the ACT/Canberra area reading this ... who witnessed this strange phenomenon today, and in previous days ... we would love to hear from you !!!

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