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Monday, 1 December 2014

Being Inspirational

It's a wonderful feeling to be 'in the moment' and to experience inspiration flowing through your finger tips. Your mind is focused and the inspirational ideas flow ... without thinking. 

Illustrations, writings, new ideas, new brandings and self re-invention always occur in moments like this.

The right brain is perfectly in-sync with the left brain. There is flow and motion. Being inspirational feels natural. There is a perfect grace in everything you think and see. There is a synchronicity between the inspirational mind and what is happening in the physical world. The music being played; the connections and ideas that appear and the path ways that suddenly open. Everything slots perfectly like a jigsaw puzzle. 

Everything flow magically. Your awareness heightens and what is the real world becomes questioned, as the two worlds merge ... as flawlessly as the two mind hemispheres locking together. Like a long forgotten machine the telepathy awakens and the movements begin. Shadows stand beside you and their sudden movements startle you. Like now. Your sense of what is reality is distorted as your right brain leads the way. The left brain and the right brain divisions appear to fade ... and you become timeless ...

The world is not what it seems. Not anymore. The sun, something has occurred with the sun. The sun light is somehow stronger ... and the signals are stronger too. The signals which are received by the DNA ... they try to diffuse and to deflect. Toxins and poisons in foods. Tampering with the vibrations of the air and the light. Electronics that resonate on the same frequency as our DNA to confuse. To attack the pineal gland and disrupt the creation of the Seratonin and the Melatonin. 

This world is no longer the same. The vibration has been changed ever since we had the crossing everything has changed. Slowly at first ... now we enter the quickening. The vortex, like a portal through which this earth must pass ... it is a vibrational portal ... something like a black hole ... but it is not a black hole, not in that sense. It is like a tear in the fabric of space. The earth is being teased through ... and its etheric body is lifting its vibration. All on the earth are affected. The earth is a vessel ... like a space craft. Hollow inside. It is not what it appears ...

Inspiration flows like a waterfall. And like the salmon, you make the climb right back to where it all started. Like a wheel your awareness turns. As you reach the birthing pool at the top of the waterfall. Refreshed you succumb to your cellular programming. And it begins again. Inspiration paints the scene and you become the waterfall. You and the salmon are one and the same. Indeed the earth pane world is merely a transmitted signal which the mind receives and turns it upside down! 

The earth plane world is merely matrix of vibrational signals which the mind is programmed to create as a seemingly solid reality. I can see it all know as a flat reality, all merged into one, connected together by an energy grid. 

Who's thoughts are thinking our world? Who's thought forms are imagining the world and all that lies within. As I gaze here at the screen ... what lies behind me does not exist until I turn round and look. The grid then shifts the now reality to the kitchen and the family room. All that exixts is what you see in the now. What you thought a moment before ... ceases to exist. There is only the now ... 

And in the now I am tempted by a huge download of inspiration. I still see those who move around me to my left and to my right. That is a different reality. One that is in close proximity to ours in the frequency range. I see them because they have tuned their DNA into our reality ... partially. Enough to let me know they are there. My configured mind acknowledges their reality ... and so begins the touching and the interference with my mind and my energy field/. But I refuse to yield. I have freewill damn you! I can walk between the realities ... trust me I will when I am ready.

But for now this inspiration, this flow of energy must come to a close ... for now ... MATTHEW JAMES