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Tuesday, 9 December 2014

The Art of Transmutation of Energies and Transmutation of Self.

Alchemy is a very broad topic. Like 'architecture', it means a lot of things and can be done in many different ways. It is often seen as transmuting bare metals into gold, which is only one of the very advanced paths of Alchemy. It is more about mastery over self and mastery over energies.

Alchemy works with different layers of energies: Physical, Emotional and Spiritual which are part of your energy field; then too, the Plane of Creation and Absolute which are beyond your energy field.

Enlightenment is about having your physical, emotional and spiritual selves in perfect alignment. Beyond enlightenment, you can still keep growing in power in the higher planes. You can access the entire Universe from within you.

Physical Energy (Shiny Black): The physical energy is the physical body. It is associated with the shiny black color. It is not a mat black. Think of the color of the cosmos with unlimited depth and energy. The physical energy is related to the 7 main chakras plus 5 chakras over the head (12 main chakras).

Emotional Energy (Shiny White): The emotional energy is the soul. It is associated with the shiny white color. The emotional energy is related to chakras 13 to 24 over the head.

Spiritual Energy (Shiny Red): The spiritual energy is the spirit. It is associated with the shiny red color. The spiritual energy is related to chakras 25 to 70 over the head.

Plane of Creation (Gold): Beyond the energy field is the Plane of Creation. This plane brings order to chaos in this world of co-creation. Visualizations and the Law of Attraction work on this plane. It is possible to connect to this plane to directly alter the flow of co-creation. Anything that exists in the physical reality first appears in the Plane of Creation. When a new idea pops into your mind, you connect to an energy already existing, in the Plane of Creation. It is associated with the gold color.

Plane of Absolute (Teal): Beyond the Plane of Creation is stillness, the Plane of Absolute. This is beyond time and space. On this plane, the Universe is only information that can be read and altered. From this plane, physical life is a hologram of this more>>>...