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Tuesday, 23 December 2014

The First Impulse

It's hard to imagine what the first explorers of The Manifest Plane experienced. That first impulse was so long ago. Those brave sparks of the universal consciousness that discovered the physical universe at the time of the prime emanation.

There 'form' would have been so unlike ours, they would appear as alien to us. Totally naive of the rules of the physical world, their awareness would have created the first thoughts, thus releasing the prime karma that we are all now trying to rectify through our endless incarnations. Those brave explorers would not have known that their entry into the physical realm would set off such a wave of manifestations.

Manifestations which would capture them in a realm of opposing reactions, a realm of illusion in which entrapment was a certainty for those hapless souls.. Due to the naivety of those first "incarnates" into this realm, chaos became an eventuality as all the ripples caused by their exploration through this realm gained momentum. Where we exist and how exist in this physical realm is the resultant effect of this primal cause.

As these original incarnates became further and further trapped by the ensuing laws of the physical realm, so the more this realm came into reality. The original incarnates were curious and began creating everything they could think. This realm is the manifestation plane after all. The realm of thought forms. Thus all hope of escape was lost as their awareness became trapped in this reality, and all memory of the first impulse became forgotten,.

The Manifest Plane continued to expand and modify, continually adapting itself to the endless thought manifestations created by the first incarnates. And here we are as the multiple children of those first incarnates. Beings with a binary awareness. One awareness being that of the manifest plane, the false identity or the persona. The other awareness that of the universal consciousness. Our true identity, for we are not separated from the realm beyond the first impulse. Despite all the chaos created as a result of the karmic wave, the doorway to oneness lies open.

The manifest plane exists only because of all the myriad of contrasts and opposites created by the formation of the first impulse. There will be a moment when those contrasts and opposites will reach their maximum and then after that moment those opposing energies will begin to blend. Once this occurs, the realm of the manifest will unravel and come to an end. This harmonising effect will return all thoughts to those original incarnates. Once done they remember the first impulse and they will leave behind this realm. It is said then that the manifest plane will be no more.

Those forces that oppose the remembering of the first impulse choose to enhance the continuation of the separations in the current version of the manifest plane. They are determined to create a complete separation so all connection with true selves are lost. So in this version we are the false persona only. These forces are born of the manifest. It is said they are born therefore with no soul. These forces are thus fearful of the unravelling of the manifest plane. This is why they tour the many worlds of the manifest plane creating chaos and turmoil. With chaos alive in the manifest plane, they have existence. We call these forces those of the darkness. Be warned these soulless beings exist. They have no regard for life and have no concept of conscience or feeling. These forces must first be assimilated in order for the unravelling to begin - Matthew James