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Thursday, 25 December 2014

Daath, the Hidden Sephirah and The Next Level of Awareness - The Stellar Ego

Daath means Knowledge, in the first place knowledge of the Divine and the divine expression in the universe. Daath is also the total of knowledge gained by an individual throughout his life or lifetimes, and especially the knowledge about what (his) life is all about.

Daath is also the key to the manifestation of all things. It is a Sephirah of becoming, as after Daath creation began to take place as the unmanifest travelled downwards further into the manifestation plane.

Daath is said to be the child of Binah and Chohmah, the Mother and the Father. That is, the Kether, Chokmah & Binah triad with Daath atop of the pyramid, above the flat plane of the Tree. Daath is the doorway to the void or the Abyss. The place where all things manifest must be faced in order to be blended or harmonised. Once harmonised the consciousness can make its journey back into the unmanifest state of being.

Ascending the Tree of Life on the middle pillar, passing Tiphareth, we must leave the ego far behind to cross the Abyss. Thus Daath is seen as entering the mysterious blackness. The void or emptiness cannot be seen as a fearsome place, but as the underlying nature of all things and beings, and only by passing through the Abyss can we remember our eternal consciousness. Our unmanifest state of being. 

It is in these moments as the thoughts of manifestation contemplate unmanifest existence, that the Sepiroth of the Kabbalah appear more like universes and levels of vibration. The notion that each Sepiroth represent the planets within our solar system appear less likely, for awareness grows from local planetary awareness to one of the universe as a whole. In order to return to the unmanifest existence we crave, our ego and its manifest awareness must fall by the wayside so our stellar ego comes into being. This too must fade into nothingness to realise the next level of the Kabbalah and that is perhaps our unmanifest awareness itself. 

As we attain these levels of consciousness we become more and more reliant on the universal seed groups and the stellar soul groups. The numbers of individuals in this section of the grand matrix decrease alarmingly which does support the idea of the manifest awareness being like a globule of mercurial mass that has been separated into billions of pieces. The electricity of the universe is required to connect these globules back together. In this process our soul groups reconnect  - Matthew James