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Wednesday, 10 December 2014

Spirit Guides - Are They Really There?

I remember back in 1985, when I sat in a Psychic Development Circle on a night when we were going to meet our 'spirit guide'. The concept of the meditation was that we were going to a clearing in the woods where a person (Our Spirit Guide) was going to appear, then bring the sun down to us to prove its service to us. 

I was fairly new to the Spirit Guide idea at the time. I had been surrounded by spirit entities all my life. Real experiences. Entities that had appeared to me; has wandered through dreams with me. There was also the old man ... the Merlin/Odin/Thoth look-a-like. None of these had ever discussed the concept of spirit guides. They'd telepathically shown me many other things; made predictions which had come true. But not one of them had said 'I am your spirit guide'. So to that point I'd never needed a spirit guide, so I'd never had one. To this day I've still not had one ... but I will get to that point, as I am getting ahead of myself. 

Anyway, there was about 30 of us sitting in this development circle. The relaxation music was played, and my mentor described the journey in a guided meditation. 

I came out of the meditation with nothing. Not a sausage. No guide. No nothing. How was I going to narrate that to my mentor when it came my time to speak of my journey? I was about 11 or 12th in the group, so by the time we'd listened to the first related journeys we learnt of the Native American guides; the Egyptian Guide with the fantastic crystals; the Chinese Mandarin and a few other of the most 'popular' looking guides. By the time it came my turn to talk, I had invented a 'guide' ... a poorly dressed Nordic warrior with a big sword. My mentor had just looked at me with a knowing smile. She hadn't believed me. I then sat listening to all the accounts of fabulous guides. 

Then it came to the end of the evening, and we all stayed behind for a drink and a social chat. Here was the most interesting point of the evening. It turned out there was approximately 30 people in the circle. Out of that 30 people, it turned out there was over half that had made up their guide to save face! They'd had wonderful meditations but had not met anyone on the journey. So, like me, to avoid embarrassment, they'd described the first thing that had come to their head. Their spirit guides had been a figment of their imagination! 

How many people in the New Age Movement have done the same? It therefore begs the question, 'spirit guides are they really there?'

According to the traditional literature appertaining to Spirit Guides, each and every one of us is supposed to have twelve main guides. That's a lot of spirit guides. The world population is currently 7.125 billion. That means there are 7.125 million x 12 guides out there. Probable or myth? The problem I have, is that I never take anything on face value and I always question everything I see and I'm told. Spirit guides have never sat right with me.

Why do we need intermediary assistants when our Authentic Selves (Our Spirit) is connected to the universal consciousness, is a part of the universal hologram, so has all things within itself? Why go to a second party for guidance and direction? Our Authentic Self knows ourselves better than anything else?

Do people really communicate with a separate entity or entities which come to them as spirit guides? Or is it an aspect of their own multiple selves that communicates with them? I've been asking this question for the best part of 30 years, still awaiting the arrival of one of my twelve guides! Yet, I am able to comprehensively communicate with the other side, and provide incredible validatory evidence again, and again, and again without the intervention of a guide. I always find myself communicating directly with the discarnate soul or inter-dimensional entity. There is never a guide 'telling me to say this' or 'telling me to say that'. Not once. Not ever. So in my experience there are no spirit guides. Yet so many people relate tales to the outside world about their connections with spirit guides. How many of these connections are truly separate entities?

Ok, so I have a large group of deceased family members and close friends who converse with me from time to time. In recent times, my old mentor Paula Paradaema and my old medium friend Peter Patrick have caused havoc on Australian TV's Psychic TV when they have overshadowed me on live TV and forced me to chaotically give out my messages. But that's not guides at work! I've had clients deceased family members ushering in other deceased members but that still isn't spirit guides. No spirit has yet to say to me, ever, 'I'm your spirit guide'. I've literally made thousands and thousands of validated connections to the spirit world, but in none of them has there been a spirit guide. 

Yet, I witness numerous mediums and psychics who talk about their spirit guides and preach to the masses about the existence of spirit guides. It all goes back to the early days of the New Age Movement and the fashion accessories everyone is supposed to wear! Before the advent of the New Age Movement, the old style mediums didn't have spirit guides ... so why have spirit guides suddenly become an accepted part of spiritual development?

Anyone who comes to me for Spiritual Development will not be taught about how to connect with Spirit Guides. With nearly 45 years of communicating with spiritual entities, I can honestly say that spirit guides are not necessary. In my development groups I show people how to communicate with spirit directly themselves. 

I don't dismiss the possibility that family members and friends are helpers and lend a helping hand to make our connection with their world easier ... I just completely disagree with the spirit guide dogma that is circulating around the psychic world. It is nonsense that the original Person A began writing about as a requirement, and then like lemmings the psychic world populace have followed Person A like lemmings - accepting without question the need for spirit guides. Then using the figment of their right brain imagination, aspects of themselves have become spirit guides. It is a misleading concept and one I've taken with a pinch of salt for over 30 years. My spiritual work has never suffered for the lack of my 'twelve spirit' guides - in fact I am ever so grateful for not having any guides. I am responsible for everything I receive. I am also in total control of the information I am given ... I can decide what to filter and what not to filter.

So, in my opinion are spirit guides really there? No, I don't believe they are. And what I am concerned about it is the naivety that the inexperienced spiritual warriors accept anything that attaches itself to them and offers guidance. The Astral Plane is littered with thousands of lower entities who are only too willing to link with earth bound souls ... and use them as a 'drive through KFC' ... as an energy source. By establishing a need and a dependence on them, the earth bound soul will become reliant on this lower entity. An entity which can manifest an image of anything the inexperienced spiritual warrior wants it to be. To the unwary and the ignorant, this can take place, It takes experience to be aware of this, and to constantly test the links that are made on a mind level. 

The topic of spirit guides in truth opens up a huge can of worms ... the possibilities of what is really going on is endless. I say that people need to wise up and not be as naive as they are being. Each and every connection made with the spirit world, is first established on the Astral Plane, which is filled with so much junk and bullshit - that it is really very hard to distinguish what is real and what is fantasy. It takes decades to perfect the means of determining truth from illusion. Therefore it is scary to think of all the misguided mediums and psychics out there who believe they have guides ... when in truth they are dealing with figments of their imagination. These thought form identities can be used as servitors by not only the person who created them, but also by cunning ex-humans and non-humans who lurk on the astral plane. It is important to realise this can take place. Spirit guides may well not be what they appear to be. It's a bit like being a young child, who's never heard of murderers or rapists, who goes out into the park and then makes friends with the first person who greets them in the park. That person can say anything to the gullible child. The child is none the wiser. The person could be a rapist or a murderer who has dark designs on that child ... the principle of spirit guides is just the same! There are entities out there which will pray on the minds of the hapless and naive spiritual travellers. It is a scary reality which is going on out there  - Matthew James