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Saturday, 13 December 2014

Some Interesting Martian Anomalies

 All of these images have been obtained from Google Earth ... Mars ... and have been subjected to adjustment by myself.

Each one of them are 'very interesting' as they contain unexplainable anomalies.

The one to the left apparently shows water and interesting un-natural features including an apparent pier structure ... complete with water reflection.
 The one to the right seems to show som kind of fortified embankments and numerous structures which appear to be towers and small buildings.
 The image to the left appears to show some kind of warfare .... with apparent laser trails within the image.
 This image apparently shows moorland with rock formations ... plus buildings and a road gradient .
 Another image which looks suspiciously like a coastline.
 An interesting series of unnatural looking structures within the image to the right.
This image appears to contain power cables which are clearly within the landscape and not a photo anomaly.
Just what are the black shapes within this final image?