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Wednesday, 24 December 2014

Ethics and Integrity

As a shamanic practitioner, I promise to the best of my ability,

1) to work in sacred alliance with the Spirits.
2) to recognize the wholeness inherent in each person, group or circumstance that comes for healing.
3) to honour whatever form pain is presented.
4) to be mindful of speech, thought, and action and their impact on building relationships.
5) to be respectful of clients and colleagues, even in differences.
6) to work with compassion and non-judgment.
7) to set personal interests or concerns aside so that efforts are focused on my client’s wellbeing.
8) to strive to the best of my ability, to do no harm.
9) to never engage in sexual or business misconduct and abuse client trust.
10) to maintain clients' right to privacy and confidentiality.
11) to be honest with clients and other practitioners and truthful in how one presents him or herself personally, in public relations and in advertising.
12) to offer fair and appropriate fees.
13) to keep my own life and personhood in balance to the best of my ability and seek assistance when needed.
14) to consult with appropriate professionals and peers when I have questions about care, ethics or technique.