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Saturday, 5 November 2016

Shaking The Tree

Shaking the tree relates to the cleansing process taking place at the moment in what has been called 'the psychic industry'. There is no exception; the vibrational upliftment associated with 2016 applies to everyone

Its hold on tight to the branches of the world tree at the moment, if you are a sensitive. If you are not, then the test for you is temptation, greed, envy etc. Those who are sensitive will find themselves being walked through YESOD - the land of illusion - by the smiling face of the false ego. 

The false ego can be compelling, charming and totally convincing with its mind connections. It can convince you that you are the son of god or the next multi-millionaire. It will totally convince you with its temptations. Those who have not had a training that prepares them for this encounter will succumb. and will become lost in the land of illusion. Nobody can tell you that you are wrong, or that you are making mistakes with your perceptions in life. 

Shaking the tree will disconnect the deluded sensitives from situations where they can cause harm to the human collective. The clients attracted to these sensitives will be in a similar state themselves. The principle of like attracts like applies here. Their delusion will be apparent to those looking at them. Usually the process marks a serious step in initiation, but in these times it is to disconnect them from the lifting vibrations that are occurring at the time. The disconnection is likely to be a permanent one. For the budding professionals it means their time as a sensitive will draw to a close.

For the genuine ones, they who have overcome the test of Yesod, it will still be difficult times, especially if they see the deluded ones revelling in the adoration the false ego has created. 

It is better to remain still and calm at this time. The shaking the tree process is in full flow. The question to ask yourself ... is your ego in control or are you in control of your ego? If it is the former then maybe now is not the time to remain in a career that requires you to be the true self reflection with your cients. A false ego reflection will cause karmic consequences the very fact the shaking is taking place. The year 2016 is at the end of cycle. 2017 is the new era.