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Tuesday, 8 November 2016

The Law of Polarity

Spiritual seekers must integrate these two polarities of energetic/spiritual on the one hand, and matter/body on the other and allow them to combine to create harmony in our life experiences. This cannot be accomplished solely through seeking power or through relying on religious belief systems, but rather by discovering and working with the positive and negative sides of our own character.

For example, if aloha (love) is in the positive polarity, what is the negative? Hate? Fear? Anger? No… according to Makua the negative pole of aloha is attraction. In the interplay between the two, attraction brings us together… so we can then create aloha. Yet even attraction has a positive and a negative pole—the positive being acceptance (you agree to play the game) and the negative is rejection.

As we have often observed, authentic initiation requires that we achieve true self-knowledge. We have to know who we are because this is the only sure way of aligning oneself with the higher organizing intelligences in the Upper Worlds who serve the Source as well as humanity.

Balance between the two polarities must be met because the nature of the contact between an embodied soul (human) and a spirit depends on the level of consciousness of the human. Like attracts like and discrimination is essential in determining what sort of spirit is contacted. Not all spirits are helpers, nor are all spirits more>>>...