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Monday, 7 November 2016

Willy Wagtail Magic

Around Uluru, it is believed a Willy Wagtail brings spirit children to their mothers. Many Aboriginal people consider the Willy Wagtail (fondly called Jitta Jitta) a gossip-monger and bringer of bad news, especially in Victoria. This belief has filtered into Australian myth; those in the bush regard him with suspicious disfavour. In Aboriginal lore, if anything is being discussed he will be shooed away so he is out of hearing, range before any business or conversation is resumed. Respect and discretion should always be practised in Jitta Jitta’s presence.

Another belief is if this little character makes a clicking sound, you will know there is important news coming your way; and in some tribes it was believed this bird was a direct messenger for the Great Spirit. Should this bird be harmed or killed, thus angering the Great Spirit, destructive storms would arise as more>>>...