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Sunday, 15 July 2018

A Fear Egregore

When a group of like minded people, with the same state of mind or the same intention; who perhaps seek the same objective towards a person or a situation, set their will and their mind to the task something magical can happen.

This is a specific thought form known as an Egregore. The formation of this thought from can be said to be created by black magic - which has a detrimental intention - or by white magic, which can be for the good of the situation. 

Depending on the number of minds set at this intention outcome, determines the power of this Egregore.

A living person on the receiving end of an Egregore is likely to feel a strong will or state of mind against them. Often when they come into contact with one of the minds casting this egregore, they will feel the intention psychically. The power of one of these magical thought forms can literally force a person to move out of an area, or district, such is the power of the will of the group of people behind the egregore.

The person will only feel this thought form's will power lessen once the intention of that thought form is carried out. Quite often this type of Egregore can be manufactured unintentionally and is more often than not fuelled by a group of person's fear of their victim.

Also, there can be an instance when a number of knowledgeable magicians can begin summoning an Egregore to rid themselves of a rival, or someone they fear, and don't have enough energy on their own to undertake the action. So they then influence a group or community of people, to also be fearful of the individual. They will drive the thought processes of these people, through rumours and false claims, so the group of people turn against the victim, and provide the energy source these knowledgeable magicians need to rid themselves of their rival. This form of Egregore is quite obviously created by black magic means. The victim may well leave the community, or have something negative happen to them ... but there is always a come back on those who created this intentional egregore.