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Sunday, 1 July 2018

A Welcomed Respite

There have been some very strange energies afoot this weekend. Energies of disruption; energies of conclusions; energies of new beginnings. Energies of many directions all converging at the same time.

UK is sweltering under an Australian-like heat wave and there are major 'bush fires' in Lancashire not far from home. Trips down a local motorway over the weekend showed just how close the fires are with the billowing smoke and the smell of the burning moorland ominously close to home environs.

It has been a strange couple of days. Old style hostilities appear to be surfacing like a new version of an old scene. But this time there will be no wool pulled over naive eyes. You don't spend nine years in a former convict colony for nothing.

The need and use for spiritual abilities may not be in the offing at the moment, with those muscles resting, which is good as it gives other aspect of self to be restored and transformed. But it will not always be the case as no doubt a new chapter will begin, but only when this replica universe decides it is the case.

It is good to rest. It is good to let that light burn down to only a tiny flicker. It is a good idea to let a transformation occur and those changes be fully integrated into the many selves. It can do no harm. How long with respite will continue is hard to say. But it is a welcomed breather. Only time will tell how long it is to be. Already murmurs of disarray are there in the aethers with the presence of strange energy patterns in material life providing the evidence something is afoot ... what it is, we're sure life will reveal it in good time....