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Monday, 2 July 2018

Another Look (Just For Fun revisited)

This Light of Truth Oracle imagery regarding the result of England Vs Columbia tomorrow night intrigues me. It also pees me off as I am techically emotionally involved in the situation being English! Hence the difficulty picking up the message here!!

Transformation shows a figure between two trees ( A goal keeper stands between two wooden posts). It hints at penalties. The Moon represents the goalkeeper playing mind games with the penalty taker. Thus there is certainly a penalty or penalties in this game. The Survivor has the phoenix rising from the ashes which can relate to either team. But I sense a team comes back from being behind to draw level in the game. The Tree Of Life really presents no clues to the outcome.

It is a hard one to predict. My instinct feels doom and gloom on these cards, hence my original synopsis that England lose to Columbia. The colours of The Survivor more match Columbia than England thus I feel England may score first but Columbia equalise. The Tree Of Life may suggest a missed penalty! I can't see beyond these ideas.