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Saturday, 7 July 2018

Direct Thought Transmission (D.T.T)

Without warning the whispered voices start. You slip into an altered state of consciousness with ease, and they are there. Hazy at first; unsubstantial is there presence. But suddenly, you hear what those clairaudient voices are saying ... and the conversations are independent of your own thoughts. They are clearly an intelligence beyond your own, communicating consciousness to consciousness on the frequency of 'direct thought transmission' (D.T.T).

A form of telepathy. A hindrance for those not yet ready to accept its presence; its awareness of your own life's journey. For with D.T.T comes the sharing of thoughts, because mind fields become one. They are shared by two or more frequencies. Like 'Bit Torrents' the files of thought can be shared, uploaded, downloaded ... so what you think, the others hear and vise versa.

And for those who are ready, or have brought themselves into this state of awareness, what next? Where does this state of awareness take them? Beyond the limits of the human state of mind, and its limited 5 senses. Beyond the prison walls, and into the vales of truth. Pathways of thought that can herald new discoveries for the human states of mind that connect with these outside states of mind.

When merged, D.T.T permits you to be at one with the other intelligences that have chosen to link, and to communicate in this way. D.T.T is real. D.T.T is not an easy technique to use. For all that is there within the thoughts in the mind, can be accessed. There is nothing that can be termed 'private' or 'secret' in any way. You must permit those others to ready freely experiences in your mind ... thoughts that will flash across your mind as they play those experiences back to feel how you felt and see how you saw the situation. Equally, you may venture into similar thoughts in the minds of the others and do the same within their thoughts. Through this process there is an incredible opportunity to learn and to grow.