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Friday, 13 July 2018

Dual Nature

I was recalling the moment I left this illusory world without a care or a second thought, back when I was seriously ill. It was when I'd arrived, in agony, at a Medical Centre and collapsed on the floor.

I was in unbearable pain, and my eyes were closed. Moments later I was completely out of pain ... I'd seen a tiny strobe light descend from the ceiling and quickly envelope me. The first touch of this light and my immense pain (All my organs were failing due to a necrotising Pancreas ... and sepsis spreading everywhere) suddenly ceased.

My recollection of the earth plane ceased at that exact moment, just like I'd been transported onto another dimension. There was no going into the light; no relations waiting for me. I just literally entered another dimension, and my awareness was on that dimension with its own thoughts; its own physical body. I literally ceased to even be aware of this earth plane.

The only reason I returned to this earth plane was because a loud voice from this earth plane insisted on calling me back! The moment I recovered awareness of this earth plane all the incredible pain came rushing back.

And for the next 13 weeks whilst hospitalised I found myself jumping between this earth plane of incredible pain, and difficult recovery, and another earth plane where I was in a physical body that was devoid of pain. I found I had a dual awareness, a dual existence .... and I know it cannot be explained by so called 'science' and its old school explanations of the mind playing tricks. I was aware of the shift between the two awarenesses ... and I got to a point where both awarenesses were aware of each other ...

And I have to say this 'dual nature' is still with me to this very day. I can only explain it as having a 100% KNOWING that when I finally leave this earth plane behind ... I will be entering this other dimension and not return back here. Once I make that finally shift ... I know I will totally forget this earth plane. And the knowledge doesn't even scare me.

There will be none of the cliched going into the light, or following the light, or having people waiting for me ... that will not happen. I believe all of that belief/theory is a perceptional conditioning that is programmed into us so we will continue being reconditioned souls ... I'm not claiming I'm exempt from that recycling ... I just know where I'm going when this adventure ends.