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Friday, 6 July 2018

Fighting The Effects of The Archonic Virus

The compulsion to fall in line with the constant impulses from the archon hive mind, via the left brain implant, is extremely strong. For most, they are not even aware of the mind field hijack that is taking place.

For the left brain and the right brain once were one ... and the awareness of 'man' was that of universal consciousness. That was until the genetic tampering and re-modification occurred, and two hemispheres were born.

Beyond imagination lie the realms of truth; behind the walls of intellect lies separation and archonic survival codes. 

The archons cannot, as yet, totally separate us from our true nature. Not in the current human form they can't. They cannot destroy our right to imagination, without destroying the objectives they have so patiently sort. Instead they use our power of imagination and creation against us. They turn our most powerful asset, for ridding ourselves of the parasites, against us. They compel us to conform to their whims and their codes ... that which the left brain transmits. Within the left brain is their genetically spawned implant.

Suppressing the negative vices of the ego overrides those impulses and nullifies the effects of the archonic virus. Thus aligning the two hemispheres back to becoming as one. Thus permitting man to begin to return back to its true natural state of awareness.