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Sunday, 8 July 2018

Gripe of the Day - Snail's Pace 'Superfast' Virgin Media Fibre Broadband ...

We got HALF A DAY of reasonably fast broadband internet before going back to the snail's pace service we are accustomed too.

No, actually, we got a service this evening that is even SLOWER than Snail's pace. I loaded up my personal banking site ... and it took ONE HOUR TWENTY ONE MINUTES ... yes 81 minutes ... to undertake the transaction I would normally do in 3 minutes on a reasonably fast service.

Now is that an acceptable service? Who can give me back the wasted 78 minutes of my life sitting around waiting for a web site to open due to VIRGIN MEDIA BROADBAND BEING WORSE THAN SLOW?

This is my gripe on most days. We occasionally get the odd one or two days out of a fortnight when the internet runs acceptably. On any day we can have a slow service in the morning; reasonably fast in the early evening then snail slow at night time. Its clearly not our end of the connection ... its Virgin Media.

It's a crap service which we are stuck with until our contract ends in a year's time. Anyone reading this considering using Virgin Media Broadband, who are falling for their advertisements about a super fast service. DON'T BOTHER!