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Tuesday, 10 July 2018

Just For Fun: England Vs Croatia - Another Look

England are on the eve of their most important game of football in nearly 52 years ... a chance to reach only their 2nd World Cup Final. Only Croatia stand in their way. The last Light of Truth Oracle reading apparently placed England in the Final on Sunday.

Let's have another look. No clear or sensible scoreline is suggested by the gematria. The numbers add up to 18-10-5 which broken down is 9-1-5 ... which is nonsense.

There is nothing other than a 3-0 in the numbers. We must leave the suggested outcome made by the first spread as what we predict. But the Progression image hints at the England win ... there are hints at goals not penalties that settle this tie. 

The Ancestral Tie image shows a line drawn to the summit of the hill in the background (Glastonbury Tor). Symbolic perhaps of reaching the summit or pinnacle of World football ... the World Cup Final? The bright light on the Progression card maybe the light at the end of the tunnel. The Inner Critic all the doubt and frustration felt for so long being felt during the game ...  maybe significant moments in the game at 47 mins, 65 mins and 83 mins. ... the two robed figures perhaps the shape of someone celebrating scoring? Maybe more than one goal ... perhaps another header?