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Saturday, 7 July 2018

Just For Fun: England Vs Croatia

So here we are ... The World Cup 2018 SEMI FINAL between England and Croatia. It can't get more incredible than that (Well it can --- The World Cup Final) ...

What does the Light Of Truth indicate? There are score lines of 3-1, 0-3 and 0-2. Remember the 'official score card' shows the game as Croatia V England so perhaps the Light Of Truth puts England as favourites? The symbology suggests a hard fought game with little between the two sides> What can be made of the symbolic water and waves and waterfall? Surely not a waterlogged pitch? It seems irrelevant with little between the two teams.

The Gematria works out at 3-12-18 which is 3-3-1 ... no help there. A very hard game to predict. The temptation is to go for England with another 2 v 0 win.

Abundance and a sword featured in the last prediction (England V Sweden) ... however the sword seen in the Conflict card is under much more pressure than in the Sweden game when it appeared in the Opportunities card. In the Conflict image it appears that the referee plays a significant role in the game ...a VAR decision perhaps in England's favour? Is Abundance another set piece goal? And the Conflict gold disk relates to one appearing on Opportunity. The orange flame behind the sword suggests the unthinkable ... England make it to the final.