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Wednesday, 4 July 2018

'Just for Fun' England Vs Sweden

Well here we are. England Vs Sweden for a place in the Semi-Finals of the World Cup in Russia 2018. The Light of Truth Oracle have been surprisingly accurate all the way through from England's first group game vs Tunisia. However, human error has prevented the full accuracy of the cards!

We got it right in the last game:

England took the lead.
Columbia equalised.
It went to penalties.
There was one penalty miss (Henderson's penalty for England).

We just based our prediction on the fact England had never won a World Cup penalty shoot out before. So we'd said Columbia would prevail when in truth The Survivor related to England winning!

Now, our prediction for this game.  Possible scores include 2-0, 1.0 and 0-2. We don't see penalties according to this symbology. We see a possible free kick success and a header. We relate the sword in the middle image to England and the three orange disks the number of games away from the world cup final itself.  1 - quarter finals; 2 - semi finals and 3 - the final.  The Key relates to the tactics to break down a stubborn defence. Abundance has the 'dare to say it result' for England. We will take the next stage as it comes. But its looking good. Perhaps Sweden score. But we feel penalties are avoided this time.We see the name K-A-ne clearly and a 7 (2 goads against Tunisia, 3 against Panama, 1 against Columbia. 1 against Sweden???)

Dunno what the two 9's mean yet? Gematria is 9-3-9 ... which is 21 ... so is that 2 v 1 in favour of England (Dare we say that ... without tempting fate and saying wrong team again?)