Search A Light In The Darkness

Monday, 2 July 2018

Learning Your True Nature

When you discover your own nature; and you understand the magic that you are ... that is when you worry not what others really think of you.

That is when the image they see of themselves, in you, forces them to reject you. What they see in you is fear, fear of what they are ... and fear that they cannot be what you are.

Learning your true nature makes you fearless and accepting. Also it gives you the strength to not care what ridicule is fired your way. For it is not you they ridicule, it is themselves for not being able to accept what they see reflected back about themselves.

Your light shines bright, but only you and others like you will see that truth. Every one who damns you and criticises you, see only their interpretation of that light. And if they can't comprehend that light, then their understanding will be limited and tainted with fear. Hence the hatred and the anger.

But its true what the saying says about 'forgive them for they know not what they do.' They don't for it is not perhaps their time to understand the frequency you match; the vibration which is you. To them it may appear only as the black of night ... the blackness of space is not black at all. its just that the limited senses can't comprehend what it sees so it only imagines black ... that is most likely what is seen of your light by those who's frequencies are much lower than that of your own.