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Tuesday, 10 July 2018

Let's All Think A Different World Into Reality

Nothing that goes on in this pirate copy world has any bearing on the real reality. Everything the cloned sparks of existence extensively, and separately, experience within these material planes have no consequence. Or as much consequence as players taking part in a game. The lives experienced within this computerised realm are merely stored memories on a complex quantum computer hard drive.

And that is all.

All the myths about this only being a dream world ... are actually true. But only if you perceive it to be so. Those who perceive this earth plane to be as they say ... keep thinking it into existence. Because this is a thought form reality ... the more that the same thoughts are on a perception or a group perception, the more it is brought into apparent reality.

When perceptions change and something once thought so readily is no longer thought ... then it will no longer exist. This is the most basic rule of this quantum computer created world. And it is the basic rule they use against us all each and every apparent day. They use our creative thoughts to build this world that you apparently see around you. It is our thoughts that provide the energy for this world.

By refusing the perceptions they feed us subliminally and subconsciously we change this world by changing the way we think and thus changing how this thought form world is built. In this dream world anything can be made or unmade. It depends on what they players - us - think ... and what we think determines the passageways through the maze we wander along.

That is all there is to it.

We're at a point where we need to collectively stop what we are thinking and observe the perceptions we have been told since we first could reason on this dream world. We then question those perceptions and learn to adapt them to what we really feel --- not what we are told to feel --- then we need to begin thinking in a different way. Collectively we will then change the way we think ... and then those different thought forms will be focused on a different world around us.