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Sunday, 8 July 2018

Only 2% Of Spirit Messages Are Actual Mediumship

We could scream! The on going problem of the inexperienced wannabe psychics who claim to be MEDIUMS and pass off their 'messages' as 'Message From Spirit' ... when in truth it is anything but from spirit.

We could also scream for the gullible public in the audiences on the receiving end of these 'message' who believe them to be from spirit.

Actual REAL mediumship is damn hard to achieve. It is a TWO WAY COMMUNICATION between the human being and the ex-human being on another dimension. It is an ACTUAL conversation going on, that creates a powerful vibration that EVERYONE in the audience feels. It draws everyone in, and they feel the emotion of the connection, It is a RARE occurrence.

Most of what would be mediums are practising is either clairvoyance, where they are conveying what they see, hear, taste or feel to the audience in a ONE WAY stream usually AFTER the ex-human has passed them the information. Or they are receiving psychic images and impressions which they are describing to their audience ...

EITHER WAY, it is not mediumship. As little as 2% of ALL communications before an audience are MEDIUMSHIP. That is a very tiny percentage. The other 98% is made up of cold reading, assumption, guesswork, psychic insights and clairaudience. Think about that before you next see a live medium.

And who is making this statement? Matthew James ... a clairvoyant and medium with over 30 years experience in these matters. It is not as easy to communicate as the wannabe mediums think or portray. Anyone who tells you otherwise is either misleading you, or has been mislead by misinformed teachers! And there are many, many misinformed teachers out there ....