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Monday, 16 July 2018

Steps In The Right Direction

Despite the unintentional (Or maybe they are intentional) efforts of Google and its algorithms to kibosh the number of visitors to A Light In The Darkness, we are still getting more than  satisfactory viewing figures.

We've tried to mix and match some new regular postings amongst the stalwart old guard. We feel that we are getting the mixture right and it is reflected in our recent visitor figures.

We will continue to add more Daily Blog 'off the cuff' posts as well as features such as Runes and metaphysical beliefs. We're appreciating the need for posts on alternative therapies and medicines, as we feel it is critical that these ages old healing methods are given a regular platform for people to be able to find out more about medicines outside of the Big Pharma control mechanism.

All in all we will continue with the current trends and directions we are taking .... thanks to all our regulars for continuing to support us!