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Friday, 13 July 2018

Stone Circles - Ancient Doorways or Stargates?

AVEBURY by Matthew James
The recent unearthing of a lost stone circle at Newgrange in Ireland recently has sparked a series of thoughts and emotions which had been just below the surface, and were due an airing.

They were compounded by a recent visit to the Awakening Expo in Manchester, and a conversation with a well known Paranormal investigator there. His thoughts, and views, on stone circles somewhat matched our own.

Stone circles have fascinated me since I was a young child, but they have bothered me also. Their real origins and uses have always been hidden from us. There is sufficient unearthed archaeology around them for an understanding of them to exist. Yet the official story is diluted, convoluted and bullshit to say the least.

I'd formulated a comprehension of them many years ago after a visit to Castlerigg Stone Circle in Cumbria. They are not exactly the wonderful places we are led to perhaps believe. Their usage appears to be like a doorway or half way point between our earth plane, and other realms/earths on different frequencies or dimensions. The stones are place in a deliberate pattern on an energy point. They hold an energy or frequency that is identical, or in tandem with another realm. When the correct sound frequency is rung around the stones, the stones act like a transmitter that appears to open a doorway or portal to the realm that responds to that frequency. I conprehend stone circles to be almost like a 'stargate' between the earth and other realms.

It may seem far fetched but other countries and places have legends of very similar portals or doorways in caves and in specifically constructed architecture.

I don't particularly like the frequencies of these other dimensions I feel are awaiting the correct frequency to be able to come in sync with the earth plane courtesy of these ancient stone circles!!! This was the sensation I felt that time in Castlerigg stones when this notion first came to mind.

So many human sacrifices are found to have taken place at stone circles. which appears to be in line with the fact that 'the gods' would visit the earth via these doorways. For gods read predators and deceivers who used some kind of glamour or technology to fool humans that they were our 'gods'. When in fact they are anything but gods.

These doorways may well be closed, with so many stone circles deliberately partially dismantled, this preventing the sound frequency from working, if the frequencies were remembered/discovered and then used to attempt to open the doorways. There are very few totally complete stone circles ... which suggests an intentional attempt in ages past to keep these doorways closed.