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Wednesday, 4 July 2018

Taking a Literal Chill Pill

We're in the middle of a very intense period of unusually high temperatures here in England. Its proving to be nothing unusual for me, having been aclimatised to about 9 years of hot Australian summers. People are wilting around me, and I'm just shrugging my shoulders and saying its actually just right! 29 degrees was an average summer's day in Canberra with temperatures soaring past the 40 degrees at times.

So I just smile, and then feel saddened by the continuation of the 'bush fires' not that far from us. That was one hazard of living in Australia I never did like hearing about.

I've gone very quiet on the social media front as its good to have a rest; as is the psychic scene. I've chosen to go to ground so I can recharge my batteries. I still have contacts with people from Australia ... but there are few phone calls here which is great at the moment. Even the universe appreciates just how hectic life has been since 2001 .... so its slowed the vibration down and is letting me take a chill pill so to speak.

I'm thinking about new features for A Light In The Darkness ... and perhaps a dedicated web site too ... its the ideas drawing board stage at the minute. So watch this space